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      2. 40x50cm Prime Swing-away Electric Heat Press Machine With Movable Caddie

      3. Model NO.:

        B2-NC PRO

      4. Description:
      5. With superior quality and high performance, this heat press brings you greater productivity in the sublimation. Electric design is with lower noise compared to heat press machine with air compressor. It is suitable for any sublimation or transferable product no matter which HTV or transfer paper incl. Trim-free laser paper. 5pcs optional quick-change lower platens, no tools required.

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      6. Style: Electric Heat Press
      7. Features: Swing-away/Auto-open/Interchangeable/Threadable
      8. Platen Size: 40 x 50cm
      9. Dimension: 79x56x52cm
      10. Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
      11. Warranty: 12 Months
      12. Contact: WhatsApp/Wechat: 0086 - 150 6088 0319
      13. Description

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        electric heat press

        EasyTrans Deluxe Level heat press featured with?the swing-arm and just swing-away the heating?plate and leave sufficient space for loading the?items. Besides, it’s operated by featured lever?mechanism locking system and generates Max.350kg, refers to easy applicable for any no cut laser?transfer paper. Also, the feature mechanism is very?easy to lift up the handle during the operation.

        Functioning as either a swinger heat press with stand, the 40 x 50cm EasyTrans Electric Pro Heat Press (SKU#: B2-NC) offers a heat-free workspace, touch screen settings, live digital time, temperature readouts. Plus, with lower platen thread-ability, you can position a garment once, rotate and decorate any area.

        Additional features

        heat press

        Featured Heat Press Caddie

        This EasyTrans Deluxe heat press sits on a?movable caddie directly, the fives legs style?make sure heat press very stable and no worry?for tripping over during the swing-away. The?two hand-wheels on the caddie stand, one for?Max. 10cm height adjustment, another one for?left/ right rotation and fixed permanently.

        heat press

        Thread-able & Interchangeable Base

        This EasyTrans Press is installed with a featured?base: 1. Quick changeable system enables you?to change the different accessory platen in few?seconds. 2. The thread-able base enables you?to load or rotate the garment over the lower?platen.

        heat press

        Advanced LCD Controller

        This heat press is also equipped with?advanced LCD controller IT900 series, super?precise in Temp control and read-out, also?super precise timing countdowns like an clock.?The controller also featured with Max. 120mins?stand-by function (P-4 mode) make it energy?saving and safety.

        heat press

        Triple Thermal Production

        Two thermal protection decices connect separately with live wire and Neutral Wire, the third protection is heatong plate with temperature protector which prevent abnormal temperature rise.

         heat press

        Pop-out Controller

        A pop-up controller makes instrument replacement easier.

        heat press

        Protective Cap

        Protective Cap is safer and anti-scalding.

        heat press

        Four Support Springs

        Ensure balanced pressure ditribution.

        16x20 heat press

        16X20 Heat Platen

        There is enough size to print all kinds of products.

        Changeable Platen

        Changeable Platen

        For Label, Shoes, Stocking, Sleeves, Baby Clothes

        heat press

        User Safe Two-hand Operation

        electric heat press

        Accepts items up to 1.97" Thick

         heat press

        Maximum Swing Angle 145 Degree


        Heat Press Style: Electric
        Motion Available: Swing-away/ with stand
        Heat Platen Size: 40x50cm
        Voltage: 110V or 220V
        Power: 1800-2200W

        Controller: Screen-touch LCD Panel
        Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
        Timer Range: 999 Sec.
        Machine Dimensions:?79 x 56 x 52cm
        Machine Weight:?42kg+22.5kg
        Shipping Dimensions: 92 x 52.5 x 60cm
        Shipping Weight:?57kg+40kg

        CE/RoHS compliant
        1 Year entire warranty
        Lifetime technical support

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