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      2. Dual Heated Semi-auto Hat & Cap Heat Press Machine

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      4. Description:
      5. Semi-auto hat press is engineered to solve your major cap printing problems. Molded platen to reduce creasing andscorching. One-size-fits-all platen – transition between cap sizes in one platen. Independently controlled upper and lower heated platens. Heated lower platen makes it easy for patches and emblems. One-hand operation for easy printing, wide opening offers a heat-free workspace, opens automatically, reducing risk of over-application, Precise temperature and multi-timer display!

        P.S. Please click instruction download as PDF and read more.

      6. Style: Semi-auto Hat Press
      7. Features: Lever Mechanism & Magnetic
      8. Platen Size: 9.5 x 18cm
      9. Pack Dimension: 60.5 x 58.5 x 38.8cm
      10. Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
      11. Warranty: 12 Months
      12. Contact: WhatsApp/Wechat: 0086 - 150 6088 0319
      13. Description

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        Dual Heat Hat Press

        Full Range Pressure Adjustment Knob - Easy to operate control allows pressure to be adjusted based on the thickness of the material you are transferring. Clamshell design,space saving design allows plenty of working room while keeping your hands a safe distance from the heated element.?It could transfer colorful photos,words on cap, suitable for producing gifts, decorations.


        The ultimate semi-auto cap heat press is engineered tosolve your major cap printing problems. It also has thefollowing features. Molded platen to reduce creasing andscorching , one-size-fits-all platen - transition betweencap sizes in one platen , Independently controlled upperand lower heated platens , Heated lower platen makes iteasy for patches and emblems ,One-hand operation foreasy printing , wide opening offers a heat-free workspace, opens automatically, reducing risk of over-application ,Precise temperature and multi-timer display , Must havededicated circuit breaker.

        Additional features

        Semi-Auto cap heat press

        Double Heated Design

        Not only the top heated, the botton heated isalso designed into this new machine.Bottom-heat printing is crucial for some typesof premium, dimensional hat graphics,including patches, lather and emblems, etc.

        Cap heat Press

        Sturdy Fixed Hook

        With the new design for this hook, the cap can?be fixed very well and easy for customers to?operate once the press start or finish. Make?each of the caps extending well.

        Cap Heat Press Machine

        Advanced LCD Controller

        Smart controller provide precise temperature control,multi-timer to meet different applica-tion, auto stand-by mode to save energyduring free period.

        cap Heat Press Machine

        Product Structre

        Hydraulic structure, the overall structure of the machine is strong.

        cap Heat Press Machine

        Hat Fixing Pad Holder

        Silicone pad and controllable handles can hold the hat firmly and will not make the pattern print crooked.

        cap Heat Press Machine

        Adjust The Pressure

        Adjust the pressure by rotating the button to adapt to different material thicknesses.


        Heat Press Style: Semi-Auto
        Motion Available: Clamshell/?Auto-open
        Heat Platen Size:?9.5x18cm
        Voltage: 110V or 220V
        Power: 600W

        Controller: Screen-touch LCD Panel
        Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
        Timer Range: 999 Sec.
        Machine Dimensions:?45x27x45cm
        Machine Weight:?20kg
        Shipping Dimensions: 60.5x58.5x38.8cm
        Shipping Weight:?26kg

        CE/RoHS compliant
        1 Year entire warranty
        Lifetime technical support

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