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      2. A5 Paper Cutter Titanium Straight Paper Trimmer with Side Ruler for Scrapbooking Craft, Paper, Coupon, Label, Cardstock

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      4. Description:
      5. Your ideal cutting tool for making craft projects, scrapbooking crafts, wedding invitation cards and greeting cards. Suit for home, office, and school.

      6. Product Name: Sublimation Paper Roll Cutter
      7. Color: ?Pink
      8. Size: 38.2 * 15.5* 3.5cm/ 15 x 6.1 x 1.4 inches
      9. Maximum Cutter Width: 31cm/12.20 inch
      10. Material: Plastic + Alloy
      11. Description

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        A4 Paper Cutter detail
        A4 Paper Cutter detail
        A4 Paper Cutter detail

        Firbon Personal Paper Trimmer, Lightweight and Portable for Home, School, Office.
        Equipped with extended ruler for easier placement of paper, angle measuring plate and cm/inch grid scale for precise cutting.
        Can be widely used to cut through A2, A3, A4, A5 papers, cards, photos, coupons and more.
        Capable of cutting a 45-degree to 90-degree angle, as well as straight cutting.
        Max cut 12 sheets of paper (80g/m2), Perfect for mixed media projects!
        Plastic cutting surface improves scale visibility for accurate measurements. The small back black cushion prevents movement when the paper knife is operated on the desktop.
        Material: Plastic + Alloy
        Size: 38.2 * 15.5* 3.5cm/ 15 x 6.1 x 1.4 inches
        Maximum Cutter Width: 31cm/12.20 inch
        Weight: 380g / 0.84 lb

        A4 Paper Cutter detail

        How to replace the blade?

        Step 1. Use your fingers to push open the transparent plastic bar.

        Step 2. Remove the original cutter blade.

        Step 3. Put the new replaced cutter blade in.

        A4 Paper Cutter detail
        A4 Paper Cutter detail

        Detail Introduction

        ● Package Includes:1 A5 Paper Cutter,1pcs replacement cutting blade.Design to cut A4/A5/A6 Paper,press down and slides evenly the blade along the printed lines to easily complete a perfectly straight cutting.
        ● Neat Cutting Performance:max cutting size: 230mm, max cutting thickness: 7-10pcs of 70g papers, the sharp blade of the paper trimmer slides paper neatly and easily, leaves clean lines, no fuzz or jagged edges, easily provide you perfectly cutting experience
        ● Accurate Measurement: The paper cutters and trimmers are equipped with a precision measurement. The angle of the measuring plate can be measured from 45 degrees to 90 degrees and the scale is divided into centimeter and inch. It possesses a hidden ruler so that you can trim any angle or length you want.
        ● DIY Cutting Tool: Ideal for all your scrapbook page trimming needs, including origami paper, DIY gift cards, wedding invitation, photos, scrapbook, labels, coupons and more paper products. Suitable for home, office, and school.
        ● SAFE:The paper cutter for scrapbooking comes with an automatic security safeguard so as to protect users, especially for children from getting injured . Only when the blade is pressed down can it work. Therefore, it is safe as long as it is not in use.

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