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      2. About Us

        Established in 2002, Xinhong Group reorganized and expanded its operations in 2011, focusing on research and development, processing and promotion of thermal transfer equipment for 18 years. Xinhong Group has acquired quality management system certification of ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18001 with products of CE (EMC, LVD, MD, RoHS) certification, and obtained a number of domestic and foreign patents. The Xinhong team upholds the business philosophy of customer first, embracing change, teamwork, passion, integrity, and dedication. Proceed from customer needs, we adhere to the attitude of serving customers better, and are determined to innovate products and enhance the user experience, so will the broad customer groups ?enjoy high-quality, stable, and affordable products. The products designed by Xinhong Group aim to serve five customer groups. Xinhong Group sincerely invites the majority of strategic partners to join, and introduce more Xinhong products into its own country for more consumers to share high-quality and affordable equipment!

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        ?Crafts & Hobbies

        This series includes EasyPress 2, EasyPress 3 and MugPress Mate, serving arts and crafts enthusiasts. Users can use the mini lettering machine together. Crafts DIY is conducive to cultivate personal skills, customize gifts mutually to strengthen friendship among friends and promote family harmony

        ?Promotional Items & DIY Ideas

        This series of products involve basic equipment, including heat transfer machine, cup press machine, cap press machine, pen printer, ball printer, shoe printer, etc. These devices meet the basic gift customization and DIY creative realization, and are widely applicable to products such as sublimation, thermal transfer, heat transfer vinyl, rhinestones and so on. Users can purchase printers such as EPSON and Ricoh to achieve sublimation and thermal transfer, or purchase a basic cutting plotter to match the heat transfer vinyl (HTV), which is widely used in clothing, sports equipment, gift customization,etc.

        ●?Professional Customization?Office?or Production

        This series of products serve professional processing factories and clothing customization studios. The Innovation Tech ? Series has a large and uniform pressure (Max. 450kg), a uniform temperature (± 2°C), and a large stroke (Max.6cm). It is perfectly adapted to various top and high-pressure consumables such as ATT, Forever laser transfer paper, precise temperature-control materials such as TPU, and transfers that require more uniform pressure, such as Chromaluxe Aluminum Panels

        ●?Professional?Textile or Advertising Factory

        This series of products serve processing plants and involve large-format equipment up to 160 * 240cm (63 "x94.5"), powered by pneumatic or hydraulic drives. It is equipped with high pressure and uniform temperature, suitable for processing all kinds of consumables including textile fiber products, leather products, ceramic products, high-density wood boards (MDF board) and large-format pearl boards (Chromaluxe Aluminum Panels).

        ● Solventless Rosin Press Oil Extractors

        As a derivative of the heat press machine, this series has been improved by the technology of Xinhong's team, focusing on customer use and experience. Currently there are manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and other driving types. Such machines adopt food-grade 6061 aluminum heating plate, dual heating plates with independent precise temperature control, novel appearance design, which are widely recognized by rosin oil customers , earning customers’ love?“made in China”!

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