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      2. Cap Heat Presses

        EasyTrans? Cap Heat Press, ideal solution for heat applying logos on caps. Due to their unique shape, printing on baseball caps and hats can be quite tricky. A standard heat press machine obviously can’t do the job, as it is only suitable to use on large garments and other flat items. Luckily, EasyTran product line has a simple solution for all businesses that want to print their logo, a message, or some other design onto a cap.

        In our catalog, you’ll find a variety of heat press for caps designed specifically for hat and cap transfers. Lightweight and small in size, these machines have a specially designed pad that fits the shape of a cap. They’re also very easy to use. You only have to mount the cap onto the pad so that its front is facing upward. Load your design, start the machine, and your branded cap will be ready to go in just minutes.

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