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      2. Sublimation Ceramic Tile for Crafts Coasters Cork Backing Pads Includes Square and Round Ceramic Coasters

      3. Model NO.:

        Sublimation Coasters

      4. Description:
      5. The surface of the coaster was made of absorbent material, which can quickly absorb coffee stains within 5-10 seconds without sticking to glass or wooden tables. The included natural non-slip cork pad can further protect the furniture or tabletop from scratches.

      6. Product Name: Sublimation Blanks Crafts Coasters
      7. Shape: Round, Square
      8. Theme: Gift
      9. Material: Cork, Ceramic
      10. Color: White
      11. Description

        Product Tags

        Sublimation Blanks Coasters for Drinks, Ceramic Stone Coasters for Kitchen Home Decor, Birthday and Housewarming

        Sublimation Ceramic Tile detail
        Sublimation Ceramic Tile detail

        4x4 Inch cork squares with strong self-adhesive backing. Available in sets of 25, 50 or 100. Ample quantity for any DIY craft project you embark on!

        Sublimation Ceramic Tile detail

        Anti-slip properties of cork make these great for cushioning on the bottom of glass or ceramics. Simply cut to your desired size and peel off the self adhesive sticker and you’re all set.

        Perfect for DIY coasters projects!

        Sublimation Ceramic Tile detail

        Material: Natural Soft Wood

        Dimensions: 4 by 4 Inch (100 x 100mm)

        Sublimation Ceramic Tile detail

        Available with Square Corners or Rounded Corners

        We offer 4x4 inch cork tiles in square corners and rounded corners.

        Please browse our store to find the version you need!

        Detail Introduction?

        ● DIMENSIONS: Cork coasters measure 4 x 4” (100x100mm) and 0.08” thick (2mm). Each set comes with 25 cork tiles.
        ● DURABLE: Made from high quality cork with a strong self-adhesive backing. Natural softwood has a nice texture with added anti-slip properties.
        ● VERSATILE: These square cork sheets can be easily cut into any size or shape needed, making them suitable for use as pads on the bottom of ceramic or glass wares. Use them for cups, pots, pans, bottles or even use them to pad the bottom of your furniture.
        ● CRAFTING: Perfect for DIY crafting like making decorative mini wall tiles or DIY coaster making. Draw or write on these tiles or stick them onto each other to make thicker tiles! Express your creativity.
        ● 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Purchase with confidence! We stand by our products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

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